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1st Anniversary Gifts: Paper

Traditional 1st anniversary gifts are made from paper. Paper symbolizes the first year of marriage because of it's simplicity and frugality.  Our 1st anniversary paper gifts include our flagship bouquet of paper roses, personalized with the couple's names, the words "1st Anniversary" and date of the Anniversary printed right on them.  Or, get creative with 1st anniversary paper gifts as we can print whatever you wish.  We started with "paper" in 1999 when as an Origami artist I (Jeff Block) was making some incredible Origami Orchids and starting selling them on the then "new" internet.

In the summer of 1999 I was the Origami art instructor at a kid's summer art camp.  One of the things I taught the children is how to twirl a cocktail napkin rose around their fingers.  As I was bending over to show a boy how to do this (this is the "aha" moment), I thought "why don't I try to create an "upscale" cocktail napkin rose with my fine art paper I use to create my Origami Orchids?".  That night in a creative flurry of cutting and playing with paper, my flagship product and business was born.

I named the company JustPaperRoses, Inc., thinking we'd sell only "paper" 1st Anniversary gifts, which is where JustPaperRoses product gets it's name. We have a variety of 1st year anniversary gifts to choose from - 2 versions of paper roses: our flagship JustPaperRoses and also our Lifelike Paper Roses.  We have a paper picnic set, sticky notes, and even toilet paper printed with "Happy 1st "paper" Anniversary"!

We look forward to creating for you for your 1st "paper" Anniversary and for the 19 years thereafter, cotton through porcelain!


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