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“It always brings a smile to her face. She has recently started blogging and plans to do a post about that flowers she has gotten through the years.”

(Mathew B., 12/14/13, repeat customer, 8th Anniversary)

“Thank you for another awesome delivery, my wife is really enjoying the collection. In terms of the new version my wife loves it and prefers it over the white one. Just a quick question whether the 'candy' rose that also came in white is available in red or if you are looking at going that way at all? Thank you once again”

(Jim H., 12/16/13, repeat customer in Australia!, 7th Anniversary)

”These are AWESOME!!!!!! I cant thank you guys enough. They are a really cool gift and a very professional product. I cant wait to see what you have for next year. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING.”

(Chad H., 11/3/13, 1st Anniversary, Photo JustPaperRoses)

“Total Surprise! It was a great gift that was well received. I will keep you in mind for any future needs. Thank You.”

(Tony F., 9/19/2013, 11th Anniversary)

“Finally, success! I did manage to retrieve my order from my old address. I told them it was all my error and I hope I did not cause an issue. Our anniversary was the 15th. of October. So my wife got her rose a day late. As always it is beautiful and she loves it very much. She is building a bouquet and is up to eight with plans on filling the vase. She looks forward to a rose each year.

Thank you so very much for your assistance and all you do. Not just for me, but all your customers. Your company is a 1st. rate organization.”

(Jim M., 10/16/13, repeat customer, 8th Anniversary)

“As always thank you for making this day better then the rest.”

(Jeffery H., 10/26/13, repeat customer, 5th Anniversary)

“Fantastic reaction, blown away at how real they are. Thank you so much, you're brilliant at what you do, and thank you for the follow up...very nice of you.”

(Martin K., 9/2/13, 1st Anniversary, Lifelike JustPaperRoses)

”She loved the roses. This has become a tradition that she looks forward to every year! Thanks again”

(John W., 9/8/13, repeat customer, 10th Anniversary)

“The wooden roses were absolutely beautiful and my partner loved them! Thank you for providing me with a unique and memorable gift and look forward to showing them off to all our friends. I will then refer them to your website for their own memorable gifts!”

(Elizabeth Y., 8/31/13, 5th Anniversary, Lifelike JustWoodRoses)

“Hi and thank you. The wifey got her rose delivered and it just so happened I was standing in her office when they brought it in. That was pretty special. I was the Man that day!”

(Steve K., 8/29/13, repeat customer, 20th Anniversary)

“Hi It was my 13th wedding anniversary which is lace. My favourite flowers are roses. Unfortunately suffering from asthma it is difficult for me to receive real flowers. These were lovely and are in a vase by my bed. Melanie (Adrian's wife)”

(Adrian M., 8/13/13, 13th Anniversary, customer in United Kingdom!)

“The roses and vase looked great! My wife loved them. This was the perfect cool, quirky, unique present for our tenth anniversary. Thank you!”

(Seth G., 8/10/13, 10th Anniversary)