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3rd Anniversary Gifts: Leather

Traditional 3rd anniversary gifts are made from leather.  All of our products you see on this website either originate completely from scratch in our office, or are purchased from other crafters with some modification required by us, and of course beautifully gift packaged by us.  In 2003 when I was very busy figuring out how to design and create "roses" for years 2 to 10, my first thought was always to find someone else who was already making what I wanted, rather than "reinventing the wheel".  For most of our items I didn't find anything suitable, so I was burning the midnight oil in bursts of creativity.

For our JustLeatherRoses 3rd anniversary gifts, I found Sy & Lisa of Maple Leather Company.  Sy & Lisa became a vendor for our 3rd year anniversary gifts and are now good friends too.  Their business was quickly morphing away from leather roses and into leather handbags so today we are the last of their customers for roses.  Maybe it's just a quirk, but we get the roses for leather wedding anniversary gifts without leaves and we add the leaves ourselves.

Leather is a rather easy material for you to find many leather wedding anniversary gifts in the marketplace.  We don't pretend to be a leather goods seller so we stick to the one item, JustLeatherRoses.  As with all of our bouquets, we package these 3rd wedding anniversary gifts in a clear long stem rose boxes with tissue, ribbons and glitter for a beautiful gift presentation right out of the shipping box.  All of our vases are optional purchases so the choice is yours, vase or no vase.

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