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2nd Anniversary Gift: Cotton

Traditional 2nd anniversary gifts are made from cotton. In the 1920's Emily Post published a small book on etiquette where she named seven materials for anniversaries: 1-paper, 5-wood, 10-aluminum, 15-crystal, 20-porcelain, 25-silver, and 50-gold.  Where the rest of the materials that fill traditional anniversary tables have come from, like 2nd anniversary cotton, nobody knows.

After starting JustPaperRoses, Inc. in 1999 we started to grow a business.  In 2003 I realized we were committing a marketing "sin".  We had great customers for the 1st "paper" Anniversary, mostly greatful husbands.  We even received email testimonials that included the words "she cried"!  So we had a satisfied customer, knew exactly when his 2nd "cotton" Anniversary was, and we had his email (and mailing) address, BUT we were doing nothing for him!

So my wife and I (this is a family business which is why I refer mostly to "we") ordered real cotton plants from a cotton farm for cotton anniversary gifts, but they were raw, dirty and nasty - can't send those to a customer.  JustCottonRoses cotton anniversary gifts have evolved over time to what you see today, but basically it's always been a second anniversary cotton gift of cotton balls glued into artificial roses.  In April of 2003 I put the 2nd anniversary gifts on the website figuring if we had 5 orders for the month I'd be happy - well, we had 25 orders!

So the rest of 2003 was spent figuring out the first 10 years of materials and in December of 2003 we had your first 10 years covered!

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