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JustDeskRose 20th

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Traditionally, 20th wedding anniversary gifts are made from porcelain. What could be better for the twentieth year anniversary than a gift of a porcelain flower? These porcelain roses for sale are designed as the perfect desk gift, for him or her. Our JustPorcelainRoses are made in Italy and VERY fragile. We anchor them in glued pebbles into a small terra cotta pot. To put this rose into a bouquet display, see our porcelain flowers for sale!

  • JustDeskRoses stand about 8" inches tall

  • Great gift for him or her

  • Made in Italy, FRAGILE

  • Anchored into a small Terra Cotta Pot

  • Happy Anniversary note placed in pot

NEVER tip or drop this item.

JustDeskRose 20th