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What is a bouquet of flowers without a vase to keep them in? We offer a selection of premium rose vases made from a variety of materials to suit your taste and style. Whether you prefer an earthy wood vase, or a clean, sleek aluminum vase, we have a vase for roses for you.
  1. Teak Vase

    Teak Vase

    Hand carved from teak wood Learn More

  2. Aluminum Vase

    Aluminum Vase

    a work of art by itself ! Learn More

  3. Glass Budvase

    Glass Budvase

    Glass Budvase - small Learn More

  4. Rectangle Wood Vase

    Rectangle Wood Vase

    hand made by Bob Learn More

  5. Pyramid Wood Vase

    Pyramid Wood Vase

    hand made by Bob Learn More

  6. Tapered Oak Budvase
  7. Large cylinder wood vase

    Large cylinder wood vase

    hand carved wood vase Learn More

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